One Step at a Time

September 15, 2008

There are many ways one can look at fat loss and begin to wonder,  how the hell am I going to do this.  This is a question I get from my clients on a continual basis,  and my reply to them is always “One Step at a Time.”  The key to losing fat is to follow my 3 P’s to success.  Those P’s are PASSION, PATIENCE, and PERSEVERANCE.

You must have the passion to want to lose the fat and change your lifestyle.  The patience to realize that losing fat and adding lean muscle will not happen over night.  And finally, you must have the perseverance so that when you run into a road block you will continue on your path to success.

Now, if you are not ready to make the commitment to lose fat and change your lifestyle, it won’t matter how much patience and perseverence you have.  You’ll know when you are ready to make a change, and once you have that deep passion to succeed at losing fat, the other two P’s will be ready to be set in play.

While it is true that patience is a virtue, it’s also a must in the continuing struggle on fat loss.  It may take months or years to finally get to the goal you have set.  That is probably not the answer you’re looking for but that is the truth.  One of the best way to look at losing weight over a long period of time is to use a phrase that the Former Governor of Arkansas used and that is ” the time will pass anyway, its up to you how you use it.”   Regardless of your political view and what you think of the man, its a great way to view each day as a new day to succeed.

The ability to Persevere is the last but certainly not the least quality you must have.  Listen, things aren’t always going to go smoothly on your path to success.  But it is often those you can reassess, make the necessary adjustments and formulate a different way to succeed are the ones who will achieve their goals.  Just think if Thomas Edison would have given up on his quest to create the light bulb, among many other inventions, who knows where we’d be as humanity. 

There is no doubt in my mind that if you incorporate the 3 P’s into your fat-loss mission, you will become more successful and find more peace of mind.

All or Nothing?? Think Again!

September 12, 2008

I’m often get excited when I hear someone start to take control of their life by changing their diet to a healthier one.    As excited as I get, I also get a little worried.  Worried about what you might ask?  The “All or Nothing” Dieter.

It has been my experience, that in some cases when an individual begins to change their eating habits, many do so very drastically.  These people believe that if that do not follow their plan to a T, that they have failed.  However those individuals that allow themselves some initial lapses are more successful in the long run.  Now, I’m not giving you the green light to eat wings and drink beer every Sunday during football season, but once in a blue moon is not going to kill you.  Once you come to the realization that taking control of your weight takes failures to be successful you’ll be on your way to achieving your health & fitness goals.

Hello world!

September 10, 2008

Welcome to DaveQFitness’s Weblog,

I’ve been considering starting a blog for quite some time and finally have made the blogging leap.

The main goal of this blog is to share my views with individuals interested in health and fitness.  You’ll see me mainly comment on a wide array of subject from articles, and books to popular trends in the fitness world.