Outdoor Fitness

June 9, 2009
Summer allows you opportunity to take your fitness routine to a new level.  Exercising outdoors lets you mix things up while enjoying wonderful weather.
Utilizing the environment around you will take you a long way when designing your outdoor fitness routine. For example, park benches provide a great outdoor exercise tool. Create simple, quick yet effective total body workout by alternating between upper and lower exercises on the park bench. Incorporate as many exercises as you want into the routine (I suggest 4-6) and complete the sets in a circuit fashion between 3-5 times around. Some great park bench lower body exercises are step-ups, glute bridges, side step ups, and single leg squats. Park bench upper body exercises can range from incline/decline push ups, dips, planks, and crunches. Any or all of these exercises should challenge you during an outdoor workout and before you know it, you’ve gotten your workout over with while getting a tan.
One of my favorite fitness tools, and one that is especially handy when exercising outdoors is the TRX Suspension Trainer.  I have mentioned these straps before because I truly believe they are provide a superior workout for any exercise enthusiast. The straps are super light weight, weighing in at 1.79lbs, making them portable.  All you need is an anchor point such as a tree, lamp post, or even a swing set to attach one end. There are literally hundreds of combinations, and modifications which provide an unmatched level of versatility making the TRX Suspension Trainer appropriate for every fitness level. If you don’t have a pair get yours here. Believe me when I tell you, that outdoor exercise can be taken to the level when using these straps.
Performing activities outside burns tons of calories and beats staying inside on a beautiful day doing cardio on a machine. Below is a list of just a few activities that can be performed outside and the calories you burn in just 30 minutes. For even more options visit healthstatus.com


Activity                                                          Calories burned
Golf                                                                                136 Volleyball                                                                   136
Paddleboat                                                                 157
Hiking                                                                            236
Tennis                                                                           241
Swimming                                                                    241
Soccer                                                                           278
Jogging                                                                         278
Mountain Biking                                                        336
Touch Football                                                           346
Rope jumping                                                              398
Cycling 14-16 mph                                                     420
Basketball full court                                                   435