The Status Quo and the Culture of Personal Training

I’ve been reading a couple of great  books these past few weeks (Gary Vaynerchuck’s Thank You Economy, and Howard Schultz’s Onward) and it has made me notice a couple of things that  may not be ok with the health and fitness industry.

We’re worried about the Culture of the Personal Training industry. Many, not all, but many personal trainers are content with the lackluster quality that has become the personal training experience.  Everyday we walk into big box health clubs and notice trainers, some of which are no longer certified, putting people through the paces as they watch on disinterested with the work they do (some actually put every single client through the same workout). The same thing goes on with the private sessions we perform in condo’s with gym’s in Hoboken, NJ. Trainers show up as if it were laundry day, and barely put any effort into the training session. Often times we sit in amazement as trainers take two stability balls, one for their client and one so the trainer can sit on and check his/her text messages. This unprofessional CULTURE has become all to common hence, becoming the STATUS QUO. The Status Quo SUCKS!

You might say, why don’t the clients demand better? Quite simply, clients have become accustomed to the Status Quo because they have never known anything else. Indeed ignorance is bliss, until someone gets hurt. Now we aren’t saying everyone who is personal training performs their sessions this way, but there are enough to cause concern.

We as personal trainers have the ability to connect and influence people greatly. Why not make the most of this opportunity and do it the right way. We as trainers must live by sound principles that allow us to become world-class in delivering our services. To deliver that “World-Class” experience there has to be a passion to become a master of our craft, a genuine interest in our clients and not just their renewals, and for pete sake focus on them and not what’s on TV or on your cell phone, or who just walked by wearing what. Trainers, lets demand more for ourselves. We owe it to our clients who are spending their hard-earned cash. Clients you deserve better, so demand better!

Demand a Better Status Quo!

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