The “Sexiness” of Fitness

Today’s post was inspired by our good friend Frank Pucher of Fitness 1-2-1 in Roseland NJ. His theme as you would say for this year is to bring the “SEXY”. No, we aren’t talking about the sheer attractiveness or actually physical act of having sex. We’re talking about the, intricacies,  attitude, the swagger, the je ne sais quoi of doing something, and being damn good at doing it. The Attitude of Sexy and the depth of what makes things interesting is the topic of discussion today.

You see, to us  Fitness is Sexy! Fitness is sexy because there are so many styles, and ideologies, that no one particular style is the definitive approach. Literally, whatever floats your boat is the attitude we all share. From Cross Fit to Pilates, Athletic Training to Bikram Yoga etc,  you choose what “Kool-Aid” you want to drink. The fact that there are so many things to choose from and we all “get-off” (pardon the reference) from something different is what we found so interesting about fitness.

Because there is no definitive approach to how to go about fitness, everyone gets to see what resonates with them. Seeing someone bond and develop a successful relationship with a particular style of fitness is a thing of beauty, it’s SEXY! The swagger and confidence you see someone obtain because they have found something they are good at and it works for them it SEXY! The debates on which style/methods are best or which styles/methods pair well together is SEXY! Say what you will about sex and the act/art of it, but there is no denying the fact that the swagger, the various methods, the empowerment, and the joie de vivre, all derived from world of fitness is just plan SEXY!

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