One Game-Changing move you’re not doing!

December 9, 2011

New Years is around the corner and with the new year, come the resolutions. Chances to grow, learn, change, and enhance ourselves in some way. Here is the chance we need to make everything better. We come up with our resolution, set our goals and BAM, 3 weeks later, life has gotten in the way and the resolution is on the back burner until next New Years. Has this ever happened to you?

If it has, then you’re not alone.  We have all the right intentions. We vow to get serious about this year’s resolution, but somehow they don’t happen. Something is missing. ACCOUNTABILITY! We don’t have anything or anyone to hold us accountable for our actions or lack of action. I believe lack of accountability is the major reason why we don’t hit our goals or follow through with our resolutions. We owe it to no one more than to ourselves.

Making yourself accountable will go a long way to ensure your success, but how do you make yourself accountable? By creating a vision for your success, by writing out a DECREE! A solid vision of your path written in retrospect will be monumental in your success. Writing out your decree isn’t rocket science, in fact, it’s simple.  But you have to be able to spend some time going deep and really get introspective. This process will create great CLARITY and VISION, something we may have struggled with in our previous attempts at our resolutions.

To come up with your decree, first lets take a look at what you’re trying to accomplish. For all intensive purposes, because this is a fitness blog, let’s say you want to get in better shape. Lose 10 pounds, drop a dress size, bench press more, run faster, whatever your goal. Now, I want you to give yourself a LOGICAL deadline, 5 months for example. Fast forward to that date 5 months from now and envision what it will look and feel like as if you’ve accomplished your goal. You’re now seeing the change, and the success.  I’ll give you your starting sentence: I am so proud and happy that I ______. Remember, you’re writing as if it’s 5 months from now. Here’s an example, and by all means use the same template:

“I am so proud and happy that I am living more stress free. I am exercising an average of 4 to 5 days a week, I am down 20 pounds and have tons of energy. My food choices are smarter and I have given up having dessert every night. I no longer feel sluggish and my mood is much more joyous.

My quality of life has improved as a result of this new-found  energy and enthusiasm. I start every morning with 5 to 10 minutes of meditation and/or writing, and the clarity it gives me makes my confidence grow as the days pass. My workouts are no longer dreadful and I enjoy working out. This feels wonderful! I now feel as if I can conquer any challenge that life puts in front of me. I am stronger, more aware, and excited about my success.”

Writing a decree has helped many of our clients gain clarity and achieve success with their fitness goals. They are more focused and our workouts seem more streamlined now that they have a solid vision of what they are training for. Remember, decree writing can be used for more than just fitness. I have used it my my business and it has paid off with more clients that I enjoy working with. Share your decree with the ones closest to you, and lean on them for the most support. Now that you put out positive pressure into the world by telling your friends and family, there is more accountability for you to succeed. Once your decree is out there, you can’t take it back. Start thinking about what you want to put into your decree before the hustle and bustle of the holidays catches up with you. Think about it, then put pen to paper and make that decree visible wherever you go. Now is the time for your success. Let’s build upon the past failures, or learning experiences and act upon your commitment to yourself. Commitment + Accountability = SUCCESS

Peace and Health!