The TAOW (Take Away of the Week) of Why

April 23, 2012

Earlier this month I started to read the book Start With Why: How Great Leaders Inspire Everyone to Take Action by Simon Sinek, and it left me with some great takeaways. The huge takeaway is obviously “the “WHY”  we do things we do. Being a Fitness Professional, I took a look at this from a fitness standpoint. Why did I become a personal trainer, why do I choose the methods I use, why did I start my own personal training business? Asking yourself why in the world you do something is a great way to get solid answers. Seriously, when was the last time you got asked so many why questions? In asking myself why I felt as if I was baby sitting a 5 year old who was inadvertently getting on my last nerve with the response “why” to all of my responses. Try asking yourself “why”, it’s very introspective and a phenomenal way to produce answers that bring upon clarity.

As I sat there and continued to read about WHY and how every great leader or organization starts with WHY, I thought about why I do  what I do, how I do it, and what I actually do that sets me and my business apart from every trainer and their business in town. I encourage whoever is reading this to ask themselves the same questions.  My hope is for you to gain more clarity and produce the best product and self you can. The following paragraph is the result of my Why, How, and What questions that turned out to be my personal mission statement and helps guide me everyday.

“My goal is to improve the lives of others and be the leader I must be to bring out the best in everyone around me. My mission if to create a life based on honestly, loyalty, hard work,  and dedication to my craft.  I will use my knowledge, and skill to create a life and business that speak of WORLD CLASS so others may be inspired to do the same. My goal/mission is to leave a legacy that myself and my family/friends will be proud of”

If you wish to do the same I suggest with starting with your Why, (why you do what you do), then your How (how you produce your best self) and finally the What (what you essentially do). This exercise takes all of Thirty minutes and can payoff serious dividends in your life and your business. Let me know how it goes, and Good Luck!