How can I tell if my routine is getting me results?

January 25, 2015

How can you tell if your routine is working and you are getting results?

Aside from the obvious of clothes fitting better, you looking better, and the scale moving in the direction you want it to. There are many opportunities to see success with your fitness level and routine. Here are just a few subjective measures for starters:

1.) You are completing your entire routine in less time

2.) You are doing more sets in your given routine, i.e. You perform 3 sets instead of 2.

3.) You are using heavier weights than previously.

4.) Your energy level is higher.

5.) You don’t feel as tired when you go through Your workouts.

These are just a few ways to tell if you are progressing and if your workouts are working. Look for small successes everywhere to keep your motivation high. Small success is still success and better than no success at all.

Fun Fall Fitness

November 11, 2008

Many view Autumn as a time before the cold retched doldrums of winter.  I, on the other hand, view Autumn as a time to enjoy the crisp air and beautiful colors.  With that in mind there is still time to get out and burn calories before we get snowed in.  Check out a few of my favorite activities that burn a crazy amount of calories.

  1. Raking Leaves:(ok, so this isn’t a fav of mine but it burns tons of calories).  One hour of raking leaves can burn up to 250 calories.   with all of the picking up, pulling and tossing, its one heck of an upper body and core workout.
  2. Touch Football: This is a great way to get out with your friends and get fit.  All of the stop and go playing is similar to interval cardio and can burn over 300 calories per hour.
  3. Mountain Biking: There is no better way to unleash your inner Lance Armstrong than to hit the bike trails.  Not to worry the cooler air will keep you from over heating and prevent you from all the mosquito bites you may encounter during the summer.  Because of the rocky terrain, mountain Biking can burn up to 500 calories per hour.
  4. Horseback riding:  Connect with Mother Nature by hopping on the saddle with one of teh worlds most bueatiful animals.  One hour of riding can burn close to 250 calories.
  5. Hiking:  A great way to to escape from the big city and get some fresh air.  Hiking can burn up to 450 calories per hour.
  6. Roller Blading:  Once thought to be a thing of the past, its an awesome way to get around.  Roller blading can burn over 300 calories per hour.